Interested in the Meditation and Healing Circle Series &/or Beginning Classes?  
See current offerings 

Please sign-up at the bottom, to be invited as my guest in May & June 2021:
Especially for 
Feelers, Healers, Lovers, Givers - lol, for you and me - 
Empowering Empaths - those of us who are overwhelmed with our own/ others feelings, problems, soul information...

Focused on 
Soul Peace
Savoring Life
Making our Difference, in comfortable ways

We will meet on-line, 
Participate as it serves you and your life.

Welcome.  I look forward to enjoying an empowered life, together.
- Wendy

Wendy R. Wolf
If you are on Facebook, the Soul Peace page is here.

These Workshops aren't designed yet, but to give you an idea, 
last time I offered an Empath Series, these were the titles:  

  • Helping Doesn't Have to Hurt
  • Finding the Gifts in Feelings
  • BEing with OUR Inner Intensity
  • BEing with THEIR Inner Intensity
  • Boundaries & Bullies
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