Please contact anytime w/ questions, or to try private sessions:
email, phone/text: 206-853-8603, Facebook Messenger
(July-September I am in very spotty cell coverage,
if I don't respond to your phone/text within 24 hours, I didn't receive it; 
in that case, please email or FB Messenger)

What if:
- LOVE is a state of BEing, Not a Relationship status.

What if:
- You can SAVOR the delicious Oneness, wholeness you have been craving.

What if:
- LOVE can be Available to YOU 
  Anytime, Anywhere.
  No matter Who you are, No matter What your experience has been...

Are you Ready

- to give Living IN LOVE, a try?

Are you Willing
- to DO what it takes, from the INside, OUT?  

Then Come PLAY!
Discover in your own Soul: Leverage, Perspective, Tools.
Learn HOW to experience the fulfillment of your needs & desires – within.

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See you Soon!
: ) Wendy

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